Sunday School: Studying the Non-Pauline Epistles
Our current Sunday School study focuses on the non-Pauline Epistles that follow the book of Hebrews. James, Peter, John, and Jude are brief writings often overlooked due to their placement, but t... Read More
Inquirers Classes Begin May 27
Are you new to St. Stephen’s or a long-time member desiring to refresh your knowledge of the faith?  Beginning on May 27, and continuing each Wednesday thereafter, Archbishop Haverland... Read More
Goods Collection for Troops in Afghanistan & Iraq
St. Stephen's Women's Guild is once again collecting items to send to our men and women in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our own Father Shaughn Casey has deployed to Afghanistan... Read More


With the arrival of Trinity Sunday ,we enter the longest season of the Church year known as Trinitytide, what some Churches refer to as Ordinary Time. 

During this time we focus on the central theological truth that God is three persons yet One. Now that Jesus has been born, lived, died on the cross, resurrected, ascended-and the Holy Ghost has descended-we can leisurely enjoy the experience of God as One.