Thank You Parishioners!
Saint Stephen’s was privileged to host the 2015 Provincial Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church, held October 26-30 at St. Stephen’s Church and the University of Georgia Hotel and Co... Read More
Archbishop Haverland's Annual Visit
On Sunday, November 29, Archbishop Mark Haverland will make his annual pastoral visit to St. Stephen’s at 10:00 a.m. At that time he will confirm and receive new members into the St. Stephe... Read More


With the arrival of Trinity Sunday, we enter the longest season of the Church year: Known as Trinitytide, some Churches refer to this season as Ordinary Time or the "Green" season. 

During this time, we focus on the central theological truth that God is three persons yet One. Now that Jesus has been born, lived, died on the cross, been resurrected, and ascended - and the Holy Ghost has descended - we can leisurely enjoy the experience of God as One.