News & Notes

Posted on March 15, 2018 12:47

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The Christoph Paccard foundry of Charleston, South Carolina, and Annecy, France, cast our bells.  This firm has been in business for 220 years and has an excellent reputation for quality and integrity.

Three bells are installed in the steeple with musical notes E-4, G4, and B4.  The solid bronze bells were cast at the Paccard Foundry des Cloches in Annecy, France.  Paccard bells are described by carillonneurs and musicians around the world as the “Stradivarius of bells,” for not only the precision of the tuning, but also for the musical warmth and sweetness of tone that is unique to Paccard.

The three bells are stationary; that is, non-swinging.  Each has its own internal striker or clapper and mounted on a steel beam structure.  The beams will also increase the strength of the steeple walls.  

These bells ring as a testimony to the faithful witness of the people of Saint Stephen’s— both living and deceased—that have labored to spread the Faith Once Delivered these many years and for the generations to come.